caught in a web

Caught In A Web by Joseph Lewis

Joseph Lewis

Capable of detecting and analyzing an unlimited range of text, CAUGHT IN A WEB is the story of a very powerful AI that has been developed by a New York City advertising agency.The story follows Katherine, an advertising executive who comes across a new computer program that can analyze text and provide insight on what makes people tick. After realizing the program can produce effective ads, she decides to use it in her own work. However, Katherine soon learns how dangerous her decisions are as she goes from struggling with low-paid copywriting to managing one of the most powerful AI programs in the world.

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"Once again, I would like to thank Joseph Lewis for his book. It is an excellent read and offers a very unique perspective on the subject. I highly recommend this book."
I highly recommend that you read this book. I'm often asked the question, "What are the best books to read to improve your life?" I often give the same answer."There is only one book that will change your life. It is CAUGHT IN A WEB." If you don't take this book with you at all times, then you're not reading enough.I would also highly recommend that you read the End of Your Life Myths (Part 1
I needed to write a literature review about Caught In A Web and Servant Of The Bones books. I read Caught In A Web with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Joseph Lewis is a wonderful writer.