collected poems

Collected Poems by Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin

We have to remember that writing is hard. We all have to do it at least once or twice in our lives and we might never get past it. And when we start writing, it's usually a mix of emotions. This book is about the joy that writing can give you and the pain of having to stop.

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"I am so happy that I found this inspiring book of poems. I can't believe howmany different people and different experiences these poems areabout. It has been an interesting read."- A.J., age 12This reader is very happy that they found an inspiring book of poems. They are especially impressed with the different people and experiences that the poems are about. This reader enjoys a diverse and thoughtful read.
Collected poems by Philip Larkin is a great collection of poems by the English poet. Larkin is probably best known for his poem about a young girl named "A Girl in a Garden" where he describes a girl who is picking flowers for her mother. Larkin's poetry reflects his life as an orphan.The poems in the book are well written and they are very heart wrenching at times. The poems cover many topics such as death, love, animals, and grief
COLLECTED POEMS is beautiful and profoundly moving. This collection is perfect for anyone who is in the mood to read a little poetry that will make them feel good.
I needed to write a literature review about Collected Poems and The Design Of Everyday Things books. I read Collected Poems with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Philip Larkin is a wonderful writer.