cuba 15

Cuba 15 by Nancy Osa

Nancy Osa

The Cuban American story is one of triumph and heartbreak but primarily one of courage. It is a compelling tale that has shaped the United States as much as any other immigrant group in recent times.The CUBA 15: The Untold Story of the Cuban Americans Who Brought Freedom to a Nation by Nancy Osa is an exciting narrative that chronicles the life after Fidel Castro's ousting from Cuba. In this novel, author Nancy Osa highlights the life stories of 15 Cubans who came to America in 1960 and laid the groundwork for freedom from communism.This book follows these characters for over 50 years, giving readers a deep insight into their lives, their trials, their successes, and ultimately how they became such important figures in American history.

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Nancy Osa, a highly decorated and highly decorated writer, is the author of the critically acclaimed novel "Coming Back to Life" and the non-fiction book "Against All Odds." She is currently working on a new novel. You can follow her on Twitter @NancyOsaand see her at and
Book description:The Cuban revolution has been in the news lately. What is happening in Cuba? What is to come? Can Fidel Castro, the "Greatest Revolutionary of Our Time," be defeated? How would you feel if your brother or sister or child were in Cuba? How would you feel if you had been an exile since 1959, when Fidel Castro took power and transferred the leading role to his brother Raul Castro and his party "Brothers to the Rescue"?
I needed to write a literature review about Cuba 15 and Spirit Of The Reformation Study Bible-niv books. I read Cuba 15 with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Nancy Osa is a wonderful writer.