enemy of god

Enemy Of God by Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell

This book is the fifth book in the epic series 'The UK Armies in Spain and Portugal'. It covers a period of about 40 years and is split up into five books. The second and fourth books are set during the reign of Charles II (1685-1700) when he was King of England. The third book focuses on war leading to rebellion in Ireland, and the fourth deals with fighting for independence from France.

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a theme that permeates all of Cornwell's books and was central to his own life.The initial inspiration for the novel was the legend of the Boar of Cawdor who lived in the marshes of Cornwall in the late Middle Ages
The Boar of CawdorThe Boar of Cawdor (1968) was the first novel about the legendary King Arthur. It is perhaps best known for the theme of moral ambiguity in the character of King Arthur
A great novel and a great read, I've read all of Bernard Cornwell's books, and no one can compare to him. I can't say enough about his writing, his plots, his characters, his descriptions, his imagination... it's just a wonderful writer and he has our rapt attention.Everything I've read by Bernard Cornwell is fantastic, and this one is no exception.I always loved the way he described things in his novels. The way he
I needed to write a literature review about Enemy Of God and Circle Of Life books. I read Enemy Of God with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Bernard Cornwell is a wonderful writer.