faking delinquency

Faking Delinquency by Ashley Winters

Ashley Winters

The book is called “Faking Delinquency,” and it is a candid account of Ashley Winters’ life as a woman with an incarcerated mother, an incarcerated father, and a criminal record. Written in the form of letters from prison to her daughter, it traces their history together.Ashley Winters became emotionally close to her mother while growing up. She was raised by her mom in the 90s during the crack epidemic when many mothers were forced into prostitution to support their children. Some people believe that this is what caused Ashley’s delinquent behavior later on in life. Her mother was sentenced numerous times, once for armed robbery and again for drug trafficking. These experiences led Ashley to be ashamed of herself and ashamed of who she was surrounded by. She had

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I needed to write a literature review about Faking Delinquency and Starless Night books. I read Faking Delinquency with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ashley Winters is a wonderful writer.