hero born

Hero Born by Andy Livingstone

Andy Livingstone

The HERO Born book is a fictional autobiography of Andy Livingstone, founder of the UK's first ever all-female rock band called the Angels. The book is divided into three sections:

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What you need to know about HERO BORN book by Andy Livingstone1. "The new book by Andy Livingstone is a great read."2. "It's a good book and it provides valuable information for all parents. It's like a parenting manual."3. "I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how to raise a child."
Andy Livingstone is a writer and a consultant in the field of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. He is the author of HERO BORN: A Story of Life, Autism and Triumph, published by ION in 2013.He has worked as a journalist, columnist, media consultant and commentator on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. He writes for magazines and newspapers such as "The Guardian" and "The Times", as well as websites such as Autism.co.uk and Autism
I needed to write a literature review about Hero Born and The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane books. I read Hero Born with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Andy Livingstone is a wonderful writer.