hidden city

Hidden City by J.S. Furlong

J.S. Furlong

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Alaric's answer to the question of why he has chosen to write a book on the history of the area now known as the Hidden City of the Scots, and of how it was invaded by the Normans in 1071: "The Normans were coming to England and Scotland simultaneously and they were both invading our countries. I've always felt that Scotland was the first kingdom to be invaded from abroad. The Normans came across the English Channel on their way to Ireland and what happened? It
By the time I reached the small town of New York City, I was exhausted. I had been on my feet for over twelve hours, and it had been tough. After a long day's work, I decided to eat dinner at the local diner and have a beer or two. While sitting at a table in the coffee shop, a tall, handsome man walked in and sat down at the same table. He was just as tall as I was and he looked just as good, if
I needed to write a literature review about Hidden City and Hana books. I read Hidden City with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. J.S. Furlong is a wonderful writer.