lord jim

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad

"Lord Jim" is a 1904 novella by Joseph Conrad. It tells the story of James Marlow, a young man who has just been given his first command, on a merchant ship headed to Europe. During the voyage, he makes friends with the charismatic skipper, and they start to plan for their future together after the voyage ends. However, when they reach port in Bombay with letters of recommendation from influential people on board, instead of finding his new friend and fiancГ©e waiting for him as planned, he finds out that she has died.Lord Jim is an allegorical tale of the dangerous consequences that can come from abandoning one's principles in favor to pursuing financial success or social acceptance.Jim's moral struggle is one that has been explored throughout literature for centuries: how

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Author of LORD JIMs
I needed to write a literature review about Lord Jim and Rage Of The Fallen books. I read Lord Jim with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Joseph Conrad is a wonderful writer.