Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Anne Elisabeth Stengl

What is the MOONBLOOD book about?

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"This is a great book on a sad subject. The author is a world-class historian and has been at the center of the battle of the Bulge. In this book, she tells the story of her experiences in World War II and beyond. She describes how she survived huge losses of men and material, and she has told this story in such a way as to make it universal. I hope that future generations will read her book and learn from it."
"Moonblood is a dark and gripping tale. Anne Elisabeth Stengl has crafted an intriguing and thought provoking story that will keep you on the edge of your seat."Judy K. Bastow, Author, "Beyond the Dark Secret" (New York Times Bestselling Author)
I needed to write a literature review about Moonblood and The Aviators Wife books. I read Moonblood with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Anne Elisabeth Stengl is a wonderful writer.