out of the easy

Out Of The Easy by Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys

Out of the Easy is a young adult novel about love, loss, and belonging in a world where everyone knows your name. In this new, dark and dangerous world with no rules, the protagonist Patience must navigate her way through romantic relationships, friendships, and family ties while trying to avoid being labeled as "different" by society.Out of the Easy was a 2017 New York Times bestseller В and won the 2018 Michael L. Printz Award for Young Adult Literature.Basic plot: An orphan with a mysterious past finds herself taking care of an abandoned baby on a boat in New York City harbor.

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This is a compilation of my reviews of different books. I try to avoid spoilers but if you wish to know what happen in a book before reading it, I recommend to look at the excellent book reviews provided by Goodreads.There are many things to say about a book that I've read. They can all be summed up in a few words but with a few exceptions they do not include spoilers (or at least not anything that would spoil your enjoyment of the book).I hope you found
"The reader can put his or her thoughts and feelings into a story and know what the author is thinking."
I needed to write a literature review about Out Of The Easy and The Long Walk books. I read Out Of The Easy with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ruta Sepetys is a wonderful writer.