resurrecting sunshine

Resurrecting Sunshine by Lisa A. Koosis

Lisa A. Koosis

Resurrecting Sunshine is a love story that picks readers up and keeps them hooked. The book tells the story of a woman named Ella who lived in an isolated village in Indonesia until she met her ex-lover, Rauf. After losing him to another woman, Ella came to know Rauf again and accepted his second marriage proposal. The couple had a happy life for many years until Rauf challenged her to become immortal by using her special rings which he shared with two other women he loved.

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Book Title : RESURRECTING SUNSHINE #Author : Lisa A. Koosis
Lisa A. Koosis is a native Californian and graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She has been a writer, editor, and author for over 30 years. Her book, "The Resurrection of the American Dream: From John Locke to Charlie Munger," is a nonfiction account of her experiences on the Harvard Law Review and the Harvard Business School faculty. Through her writing, she has explored many different areas of law and business, and now she brings her experience into academia.
The author of this page is Lisa A. Koosis.
I needed to write a literature review about Resurrecting Sunshine and Legend Unborn The Key Of Souls, 1 books. I read Resurrecting Sunshine with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Lisa A. Koosis is a wonderful writer.