so far from skye

So Far From Skye by Judith O'Neill

Judith O'Neill

As mentioned in the introduction, SO FAR FROM SKYE is a book by Judith O'Neill. It's a tale of an American-British couple, who arrived London from the United States in 1965. They were strangers to each other, but became lifelong friends. Their relationship was not perfect and both were missing something as they grew up.These two books are now being compared with each other: SO FAR FROM SKYE by Judith O’Neill and THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Judy Blume. The question is whether the stories written by these authors are similar? There are many similarities between them and here we will try to find out what they're all about, how their stories differ and why reading between the lines can help you understand the characters better.

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“A truly inspirational read for anyone who is interested in the meaning of life and how hard work and determination can effect your destiny. This book is a must read for the young or old.”
I have been listening to audio books since 1990. I've had a lot of bad luck when it comes to audio books, despite my many years of listening to audiobooks. I've lost every one of them except one - the SO FAR FROM SKYE book by Judith O'Neill.Last January, I had a wonderful idea. The wife and I were going to the beach in the Pacific Northwest and I decided to listen to my SO FAR FROM SKYE
I needed to write a literature review about So Far From Skye and Footprints books. I read So Far From Skye with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Judith O'Neill is a wonderful writer.