son of the mob

Son Of The Mob by Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman

Son of the Mob is a thrilling, action-packed coming-of-age novel.Son of the Mob is an amazing book that is set in New York City. The main character, Tod Hackett, finds himself in a tough situation and has to use his wits and strength to survive in this city. He discovers that he has mafia ties and winds up becoming one of them, fighting against rival gangs and trying to keep his family safe.Somewhere between the intrigue, danger, and utter madness lies the story of Tod's life as he struggles to build himself into a new man while still living within his old one.

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The Son of the Mob was revealed at the conclusion of The Boys of Summer and brought a welcome new character to the cast of the main books. He was introduced into the series with the release of The Boys of Summer and so far he has had no self-pitying, or preachy aspects to his character. His personality is largely driven by his own self-interest and I think that is a good thing.The Son of the Mob is the first member of his family that
I needed to write a literature review about Son Of The Mob and The Sounding books. I read Son Of The Mob with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Gordon Korman is a wonderful writer.