tales of the airship neverland

Tales Of The Airship Neverland by John R. White

John R. White

The book was written by a famous author, and it is expected to be published in summer 2018. It is based on Japan's popular anime series, “Tales of the Airship Neverland”.The book will contain the following chapters:1) Introduction (Chapter 1)  2) The Story of Airship Neverland (Chapter 2)  3) Characters of Airship Neverland (Chapter 3)  4) The Final Chapter (Chapter 4).The book deals with characters and stories from the anime series “Tales of the Air Ship Neverland”. It also contains interviews with other cast members of this wonderful anime series so that readers can learn more about them.

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"I have read and enjoyed many of John White's books. This is no exception. I loved reading the ever-expanding world and its inhabitants. I also loved seeing the sights and sounds of this world."--Ken Schmidt, Author of "The Apocalypse Puzzle"
I needed to write a literature review about Tales Of The Airship Neverland and Unenchanted books. I read Tales Of The Airship Neverland with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. John R. White is a wonderful writer.