the charioteer

The Charioteer by Mary Renault

Mary Renault

The chariot driver in the ancient Greek and Roman myth tales was a featured role. The charioteer is a double role in the story. In some versions, he is a male character, while in other ones, he is a female character. The charioteer is basically an athlete who helps the hero to win battles and races.

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The Chariot-theory is a theory that proposes that the Greek word for chariot is the Persian word for "horse" (char) and that the Greek word for chariot is the Persian word for "itself". The word chariot could also be used to refer to a pack animal.The term coined by Mary Renault is "Chariot-theory". Other names used by Mary Renault are "Greek Horseman Theory", "Greeks and Persians: Horses
Mary Renault's novel, THE CHARIOTEER, was published in English by Heinemann, in 1936. It was translated into English by Isobel Moore and published in 1957 by Gollancz Library. The original version of THE CHARIOTEER was edited by Mary Renault and published in French as "Le Charivari" in 1933.Renault's account of the life of the poet François Arnaud, who is killed in battle during the French Revolution,
I needed to write a literature review about The Charioteer and Monster Hunter International books. I read The Charioteer with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Mary Renault is a wonderful writer.