the moments that make us

The Moments That Make Us by Pete Evick

Pete Evick

The Moments That Make Us is a recent publication that looks at the moments that make us feel alive. With the wide array of big ideas, emotions, and experiences out there, there are infinite moments to choose from to describe.The Moments That Make Us explores how moments affect our lives in an interdisciplinary and creative way. The diverse thoughts and theories in this book can be applied to your life by exploring how you have felt in other people's lives or other people's stories as well as your own.This book takes a new approach to the most commonly asked question: What makes life worth living?

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Wandering Man: A John Locke Storyby Pete EvickThe title is a tribute to one of my favorite movies, "Wandering Man".This story is a kind of love story for two middle-aged men.One is John Locke, the hero of "Lost". The other is the very first character I ever wrote about in fiction, the one that introduced me to the world of fantasy.The tale told in this book is the story of a young man named
Thank you, Pete, for taking the time to write a testimonial about THE MOMENTS THAT MAKE US book. I appreciate it!
I needed to write a literature review about The Moments That Make Us and The Darkness That Comes Before books. I read The Moments That Make Us with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Pete Evick is a wonderful writer.