the painted bird

The Painted Bird by Jerzy KosiЕ„ski

Jerzy KosiЕ„ski

After the World War II, a Jewish survivor of the extermination camps named Wolek (Kazimierz Brandys) has found refuge in an abandoned villa surrounded by a forest. He is living there with his old friend, who was also a prisoner in the camps. The novel follows Wolek's life in hiding and his relationship with his friend.Jerzy KosiЕ„ski's THE PAINTED BIRD is a non-fiction novel that offers readers an intimate study on the events around World War II and their aftermath. This novel is written in an unconventional way that makes it difficult for readers to predict what will happen next.

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Added: Jan 30, 2011 -- A Bookworm's Dream
Jerzy Kosinski: "The Paint-Drawn Bird" - "The Painting Bird" by Jerzy KosinskiJerzy Kosinski: "The Paint-Drawn Bird"Jerzy Kosinski: "The Paint-Drawn Bird"Book Review by C.B. Harper on Amazon.comBook review by the author of THE PAINTED BIRD in The Journal of Popular Culture, Volume 46, No. 2 (Summer 2000
The Painting of the Bird
I needed to write a literature review about The Painted Bird and Taivaansavut books. I read The Painted Bird with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jerzy KosiЕ„ski is a wonderful writer.