the steward

The Steward by Christopher Shields

Christopher Shields

The Steward is a sci-fi novel about a world where people live in an underground society that has been protected from the harsh environment and radiation of the surface for three generations because of a shield called The Shield.In this book, Tess is chosen by the Shield to be its steward. She must leave behind her friends and family to go on a dangerous journey to find the power source that will keep the shield running.As Tess travels through these new territories and faces challenges like never before, she discovers more about herself than she could have imagined and starts to feel new feelings for Caspian, one of her travelling companions.

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Note: 'THE STEWARD' is an epic novel. It is also a story of family, of war, of loss, of revenge and love. This book has not been released in any other form. An audiobook version will be released later.The story starts at the end of World War II in Japan. There are many characters involved in the story, but I'm going to focus on three main characters:Chiyo, the Sato family's
I needed to write a literature review about The Steward and The One Minute Manager books. I read The Steward with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Christopher Shields is a wonderful writer.