under the amoral bridge

Under The Amoral Bridge by Gary Ballard

Gary Ballard

The book "Under The Amoral Bridge" by Gary Ballard was published in 1969 and is the first novel written by him. It is about a young boy who tries to make it out of the caves of North Carolina and eventually reaches New York.

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My husband and I have been reading UNDER THE AMORAL BRIDGE for several months now. It's a fascinating read, and well worth the time. However, if you are a typical reader, you might be more interested in this book than what's in it.But if you happen to be a hard-core space fan (and have the patience to read it), then this book is absolutely wonderful. I'm not talking about the facts. I'm talking about how the author
I needed to write a literature review about Under The Amoral Bridge and The Cloud Seeders books. I read Under The Amoral Bridge with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Gary Ballard is a wonderful writer.