waking slow

Waking Slow by Ioanna Opidee

Ioanna Opidee

Waking Slow is a new book on the topic of personal development. The book will be written by Ioanna Opidee, a psychologist and author of two books on the topic: "Waking Your Sleeping Self" and "How to Wake Up Slowly".

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A woman who wakes up again and again at different points of the day, having the same dream over and over again. She wonders why she wakes up in the same place, same clothes, same things that she had with her. This is a story about a woman who wakes up and realizes that she is reliving the same dream over and over.This was my first book I wrote for the screen, a short story called 'Sleeping Beauty'.This is
"I was walking with my friend in the village of Ksar Cherif, a long way north of Beirut. There was no sign of other tourists; by the look of the barren landscape, I doubted that there would be any other visitors to our journey.As we walked, I noticed a house with a white door. The house appeared abandoned, but I decided to enter anyway. I found myself in a dark and musty living room. There were no other people in
I needed to write a literature review about Waking Slow and Kiss Of Crimson books. I read Waking Slow with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ioanna Opidee is a wonderful writer.