what the lady wants

What The Lady Wants by Jennifer Crusie

Jennifer Crusie

On the basis of her audience and target market, she determines the content that will be published in "WHAT THE LADY WANTS" magazine.

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Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a happy, educated, and successful woman. I'm not talking about YOUR life, I'm talking about MY life. I have been a Christian for more than 25 years.I grew up in the church, but when I was married I found myself spending more time with men than God. My husband was not a Christian and very much against our being married. After a couple of years of marriage, he decided that he wasn't comfortable with me
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I needed to write a literature review about What The Lady Wants and Only Revolutions books. I read What The Lady Wants with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jennifer Crusie is a wonderful writer.