youve got blackmail

Youve Got Blackmail by Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright

We are excited to introduce a new book called "YOUVE GOT BLACKMAIL" by Rachel Wright. This book is a self-help guide for the blacklisted people who have experienced discrimination by the media due to one of their race, skin color, gender, sexuality or religion.

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Generation X, who grew up during the 90's, has been in a state of flux since the 80's. Earlier than most, I was one of those "lost generation" people who moved from one place to another several times. I went to college in Canada, then Germany, then Australia and France. I had a very loose idea of what my goals were when I came to the States; work with computers and technology, and eventually move on to the big leagues. I was
"I did not write my first book until I was 50 years old. The reason? I was broke, lonely and had no money. I couldn't afford a book to put in my library. Then, about six months ago, I experienced a powerful breakthrough and decided to write a book.I finished it in one week. I couldn't believe how easy it was to write. I wrote the first draft in 6 hours. I spent 3 hours editing it. I spent another 3
I needed to write a literature review about Youve Got Blackmail and We Are Savages books. I read Youve Got Blackmail with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Rachel Wright is a wonderful writer.