14 days to die
A.B. Whelan
The book is about a 14-day journey to discover what it means to be human.
3rd hand ranch
L.R. Claude
After reading the book, many people will be asking themselves, what is 3RD HAND RANCH about?A description for 3RD HAND...
a and d
Louisse Carreon
The first book in the “A and D” trilogy, by Louisse Carreon. If you haven’t already read the first book...
a beautiful friendship
David Weber
"How can you describe a romance novel in 5 words? A beautiful friendship."
a criminal defense
William L. Myers Jr.
I am a criminal defense lawyer. This book is on my professional reading list and it is very interesting to...
a dodge a twist and a tobacconist
Sophronia Belle Lyon
Sophronia Belle Lyon is a novelist and literary critic. She has written multiple books about contemporary literature, including "The Art...
a game of thrones
George R.R. Martin
George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones is a medieval fantasy book which was first published in 1996. It follows...
a hidden fire
Elizabeth Hunter
The book is set in a small town and it will take you on a journey through the wide world....
a keepers destiny
C.A. King
The book A Keepers Destiny is a story about a mother, who was trying to protect her daughter and her...
a little in love
Susan Fletcher
This is a unique book. It has not been written by an author but by an entire group of creative...
a passage to india
E.M. Forster
Passage to India is a book written by E.M. Forster, an English novelist and essayist. It was first published in...
a spot of bother
Mark Haddon
While reading Haddon’s book, I was struck by his precision in describing the spot of a bug. He really conveyed...
a storm of swords
George R.R. Martin
A STORM OF SWORDS is the first book in a series of novels set in a world where ice exists...
Fred Misurella
This can be a good book to recommend to the target audience because it is about a time in your...
a summer to die
Lois Lowry
The story follows a group of kids who are on their way to a summer camp where they will learn...
a tale of two cities
Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities is a historical novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during...
a teaspoon of death
Sarthak Khurana
The book - Sarthak Khurana’s life, work and thoughts - is a must read for anyone into this niche. The...
a womans place
Lynn Austin
This is the description of A WOMANS PLACE by Lynn Austin. It was written by a professional copywriter and published...
Beverly Dowdell
The life and work of Beverl - a writer and presenter - is the subject of this book. This is...
Nikki Sex
Book marketing is still a long-term investment, and the digital space offers unique opportunities with the power to transform any...
across the great barrier
Patricia C. Wrede
A copywritten description is a key element of every book. It is the first and most important step in reaching...
adult world
Christopher Scott Grimaldi
This book is a compilation of stories from different perspectives of people living in the adult world. You can learn...
ALIVE THE STORY OF THE ANDES SURVIVORS is a book with a lot of information about the Andes Indians. The...
all my love, detrick
Roberta Kagan
It is always good to know a little bit about your target audience and to address them directly through your...
all the roads
J. Cotter
In this book, it is a journey of a young woman who has lost her family and then goes on...
alls well that ends well
William Shakespeare
All's Well That Ends Well is a play written by William Shakespeare. It follows the story of Helena, a young...
Charlotte Peyton
In this book, the author has selected 10 unusual landscapes to illustrate the story of her relationship with her mother...
altered carbon
Richard K. Morgan
##Section topic: Write a description of The Lord of the Rings trilogyIntroduction: This is not an easy task. But it...
an unacceptable offer
Mary Balogh
In the previous article I described how to write a good offer that is irresistible. This time, we will focus...
an unexpected role
Leslea Wahl
The purpose of AN UNEXPECTED ROLE book is to develop a new role for copywriters. It presents the role of...
and one last thing
Molly Harper
This book is about a new way of looking at and understanding our world.
angel sometimes
Helen Ginger
A book by a famous author is always a good topic to write some content on.The Angel Sometimes is about...
ann maries asylum
Christopher Rankin
If you are interested in the subject of this book, then you might find it useful to know that the...
artificial absolutes
Mary Fan
The book Artificial Absolutes: How to Make Abstract Ideas in Art Easily is about artificial abstraction and how you can...
as dead as it gets
Katie Alender
I’m not sure if a book is the right medium to introduce this book. A book is hard to summarize...
at the corner of wall and sesame
Wendy Levitt
This book is a great example of how the author, Wendy Levitt, used text for illustration. The book is titled...
BEAU is a children’s book aimed at helping kids overcome bullies. The book is written by the author,Aiika Liukkonen and...
beautys curse
C.S. Johnson
This book is one of the most anticipated book of the year. Its author, C.S. Johnson, is a self-proclaimed ‘king...
before we were yours
Lisa Wingate
We all know that the book is one of the most important part of a book marketing campaign. It's also...
BEN-HUR A TALE OF THE CHRIST is a book by the British author and poet Ted Hughes. It tells the...
Cristy Watson
This book is a collection of articles on BENCHED which are reading challenges. It is targeted at people who are...
bet me
Jennifer Crusie
What is BET ME? And how can a writer create the book description?Section topic: Write SEO friendly content on swagbucks.comIntroduction:...
between the lives
Jessica Shirvington
The book BETWEEN THE LIVES is about the journey of two girls, who go from different places to study different...
black heart blue
Louisa Reid
The book is about a girl who has been bullied her whole life. She decides to run away and meets...
Mira Grant
The best way of describing a book is by its cover, which is a very common way we think about...
Xavier Saer
This story is about a boy who doesn’t have dreams but has a burning passion to pursue his passion.
blood and matzah
Christine Brown
A book about blood and matzah.
blood island
Samantha Coville
A description is a sentence that describes the character of a person, place, or thing.
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