Science Fiction

Haruki Murakami
My English is not very good, but I could write well enough to write 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.
a bend in the road
Nicholas Sparks
Book is about a typical American guy’s life. It is about falling in love over and over again.
This book is about a man who has seven years in the hermit kingdom of North Korea. It is written...
a dangerous fortune
Ken Follett
This book is a fictional story that tells about the lives of people who lived in England during the 19th...
a date with the other side
Erin McCarthy
In this captivating novel, the reader is transported to a world where good and evil are on a collision course.The...
a day no pigs would die
Robert Newton Peck
The book tells the story of a pig named Chester. Chester lives in a barn with his mother and siblings,...
a diamond at midnight
Diamond W. Fields
In this example we will show how AI writing assistants can make your job a lot easier. Diamond W. Fields...
a disturbed girls guide to curing boredom
James Howell
This book is about the mysterious phenomenon of girls getting bored, but can adapt and cope with it. It's a...
a disturbed girls redemption
James Howell
W hat if the author of a book hires an AI writer to write the description of his book?
a great sage and a rascal named doku
Vivek Rajan Vivek
The book has an introduction written by a "great sage and a rascal named Doku". This is the book which...
a latent dark
Martin Kee
We can find many books that have been written by a particular author. Some of these books are quite expensive...
a life revealed
Suzi Katz
A LIFE REVEALED is a bestselling book that tells the story of Suzi Katz. She is an internationally known speaker...
a map of home
Randa Jarrar
Randa Jarrar became one of the most influential and controversial author in the world and her books have been a...
a passion most pure
Julie Lessman
If you want to describe a passion most pure then like Julie Lessman, do not describe it in words. Instead,...
a small death in lisbon
Robert Wilson
The book is a true story too many made it to the big screen. It tells a tale of two...
a whole new world
Liz Braswell
I have a book that I wrote. It is a journey of discovery with all the most important people and...
a woman of thirty
HonorГ© de Balzac
A Woman of Thirty is a novel by HonorГ© de Balzac. It was his last completed novel and represents the...
adam sealon and the dragons egg
Brian Singh
ADAM SEALON AND THE DRAGONS EGG is an epic fantasy novel written by the author Brian Singh. It was published...
For the first time, Christmas is not about being merry and jolly. It's about being on your best behavior because...
all hallows eve
Chelsea Luna
Book description is one of the most crucial parts of a book. The writer has to tell the reader what...
all i ever want is you
Nikhil Raj
There is a huge demand for an easy to read and enjoyable book. As a student, I had never encountered...
all in
Emma Scott
The book, Written in Stone, is an ebook offering of all the secrets of building a successful business. Written by...
all the presidents men
Carl Bernstein
This is a book that talks about the lives of all the presidents of the United States.The book opens with...
all we had
Annie Weatherwax
On the surface, it appears that All We Had is a tragic story about a family dealing with the death...
Rachel Vincent
Alpha is a new kind of book. It's not like the other books on a shelf. It's not what you...
altar of eden
James Rollins
The book, The Altar of Eden, is a fiction novel by James Rollins. The book is set in a fictional...
ameca j and the legacy of menindus
Paul Xavier Jones
Manindus is the man who started the first American Indian university - He was a philosopher, poet and a religious...
angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging
Louise Rennison
ANGUS, THONGS AND FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING is a book by Louise Rennison. The novel is about two girls, Georgia Nicolson and...
annabel horton, lost witch of salem
Olivia Hardy Ray
After the success of the book, Olivia Hardy Ray was asked for a description of her journey as Lost Witch...
another sunny day
D.K. Janotta
I am an avid reader. I like reading books, but I am not able to sit down and read a...
archangels shadows
Nalini Singh
"The ARCHANGELS SHADOWS is a book about the world of angels and their supernatural powers. The book talks about how...
as i lay dying
William Faulkner
In the American South, the last living man, Bundren, is brought to a cemetery where he must bury his wife...
ash wednesday
T.S. Eliot
ASH WEDNESDAY is a collection of short stories written by T.S. Eliot between 1922 and 1939, which tells the story...
at the mountains of madness
H.P. Lovecraft
A description of a book's title.
autobiography of red
Anne Carson
The memoir brings together Carson’s memories of the past and her thoughts on the contemporary world. The book is not...
average joe and the extraordinaires
Belart Wright
Average Joe and the Extraordinary is a children’s book written by Belart Wright. The book is part of a series...
because of twilight
Adele Bradford
The book is a fictional account of the relationship between two friends - Bella and Edward.
Tom Pawlik
In the digital age, a lot of people are reading books. But in the process of reading, they are not...
Jillian Watts
BECOME is a collection of over 40 short stories that are written by different authors. The books are divided into...
beethovens immortal
Jeff Fuell
There is a lot of talk about 3D objects in literary works. This book tries to show how AI can...
before we were strangers
Renee Carlino
We were strangers for a long time. But it is time to break the silence!
believe me, im lying
Jordan Lynde
This is a great example of how a writer believes that the book is an account of his life. The...
Rachel Cohn
To appear in a book is one of the best feelings in the world for a book lover. So it’s...
beyond the door
Maureen Doyle McQuerry
"A full-color, destination book featuring a total of 50 pages of custom content for download and use by your readers.By...
Ava Bloomfield
Over the past two years, book reviewers have started to make a comeback. They are not the same as good...
Tyffani Clark Kemp
I have written the introduction for BITTERSWEET book by Tyffani Clark Kemp.
black city
Elizabeth Richards
In this article, you will see that to be able to write a well written description for your book is...
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