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100 love sonnets
Pablo Neruda
We can only see the work of Pablo Neruda. He is one of the best poets in history.A good description...
36 questions that changed my mind about you
Vicki Grant
This book is a collection of essays, personal journal entries and interviews.
a book of spirits and thieves
Morgan Rhodes
"A Book of Spirits and Thieves" is a book by Morgan Rhodes. The book is about the spiritual side of...
a brief stay at earth human camp
Marie C. Collins
The book "A BRIEF STAY AT EARTH HUMAN CAMP: The Art of Living in Nature" was written by Marie Collins,...
a chance for love
D.L. Biranen
The book "A chance for Love" is written by D.L.Boranen and published by Amazon Publishing. The book details a love...
a clan in need
Erin Hunter
The Clan in Need is a fantasy book series by Erin Hunter. It's centered on a pack of wolves who...
a dogs purpose
W. Bruce Cameron
For DOGS PURPOSE the author needed a brief description of dog emotions: they want to be with you, but they...
a droga da obediência
Pedro Bandeira
DROGA DA OBEDIГЉNCIA is a book by Pedro Bandeira that promises to cover all aspects of the drug industry in...
a flash of blue
Maria Farrer
Maria Farrer wrote FLASH OF BLUE. This book was published in the late 90's and became a bestseller. It is...
This is the book that I'm talking about. I'll explain what it is and how it can be helpful for...
a house in the sky
Amanda Lindhout
Amanda Lindhout is an American adventurer who made a name for herself by her daring and adventurous exploits. She has...
a land more kind than home
Wiley Cash
The title of the book goes without saying: "A Land More Kind Than Home". But it doesn't need to be...
a million nightingales
Susan Straight
The book "The Million Nights of starling" by Susan Straight is a unique collection of short stories written by two...
a night on the orient express
Veronica Henry
If a book is so good, why do they need to write the description? Shouldn’t the description just be enough...
a quick journey from being single to somebodys world
Sahithi Setikam
A Quick Journey from Being Single to Their World is a book by Sahithi Setikam that is about to be...
a ripple in time
Julia Hughes
I am currently reading the book "A Ripple in Time". This is a science fiction thriller about time travel and...
George R.R. Martin
I’m writing a description for the book "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin.I will try to...
a tear and a smile
Kahlil Gibran
A TEAR AND A SMILE is a book about self-love. It was written by Kahlil Gibran in 1923.The book is...
abril rojo
Santiago Roncagliolo
ace it
John Blandly
In today’s world of high-tech, creativity is hard to come by. The electronic age has made it harder for people...
advise and consent
Allen Drury
The ADVISE AND CONSENT book is a fictional work that is based on a true story. The setting takes place...
afternoons with emily
Rose MacMurray
In this book, we have a chance to meet Emily (aka: the girl with the green eyes) and her family...
aimee and the bear
Toby Stone
AIMEE AND THE BEAR is a story about a young girl who has to leave her home, her friends, and...
aishiteruze baby, volume 1
YЕЌko Maki
Google, Amazon and other giant tech companies are also using AI to write description for their content.
alcatraz the righteous pearl
Aleshia Robinson
Aleshia is an independent author who has written a book called ALCATRAZ THE RIGHTEOUS PEARL. The book is a series...
all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten
Robert Fulghum
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten is a one-page book written by Robert Fulghum. It was...
among the cloud dwellers
Giuliana Sica
The book "AMONG THE CLOUD DWELLERS" written by Giuliana Sica was published in March 2016. The book has an interesting...
anarchism and other essays
Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman is a prominent anarchist and feminist. She was one of the most important activists for women's rights, free...
anatomy of a boyfriend
Daria Snadowsky
In the future, AI writers will be able to write description in a way that is easy for humans to...
angel fire
L.A. Weatherly
A book review is a very common thing that most of us have to do. It's also the main reason...
Hanna Peach
In Angelfire, Hannah Peach tells the story of how she found herself at the mercy of an overwhelming depression and...
anna to the infinite power
Mildred Ames
Anna is a young girl who lives in a small town with her loving grandmother. She would have loved to...
arabella, the moon and the magic mongongo nut
Hamilton Wende
The book “ARABELLA, THE MOON AND THE MAGIC MONGONGO NUT” is a mixture of magic and mystery; a mystery that...
Georgette Heyer
ARABELLA is a classic Regency romance by Georgette Heyer. It's a story about two women who fall in love with...
armageddon conspiracy
John Thompson
The authors of the book are currently working on the second and final version of the book and they’re looking...
as i died laughing
David Lloyd
As a copywriter, you have been taught to write descriptive content. This is the reason why you are able to...
Kimberly Grey
ASCENDANT is a book about how to make your dreams come true. It’s full of inspiring quotes from people who...
asleep with one eye open
Dale S. Ailes
The book is about a woman named Claire, who wakes up after an accident with only one eye open. Claire...
auroras ashes
Hia Chakraborty
The author of this book, Hia Chakraborty, is a young and upcoming Indian writer. He has written several books already...
Shannon Hale
AUSTENLAND is a story of five siblings whose parents have taken them to see the world's most popular tourist destination,...
azyl academy
Chris Vines
Chris Vines is a creative writing professor at Arizona State University. He teaches online courses, writes for magazines and blogs.He...
babysitting the bad boy
BABYSITTING THE BAD BOY is a well-known book by a funny danish comedian. It has been a bestseller for years....
Robert Carter
The book "Barbarians: A Spiritual History" by Robert Carter is a fascinating historical study that looks at the British people,...
Fredrik Backman
Beartown is a Swedish skiing resort that is popular among Swedish tourists and Nordic people.
beauty queens
Libba Bray
Beauty Queens is a novel that follows the lives of girls and women as they compete in a beauty pageant....
Michelle Obama
Describing a book or product in a way that makes it easy for the reader to see how it will...
before i wake
Rachel Vincent
After a death, the bereaved family is left to deal with the grief. The main protagonist is an introverted and...
before life happened
Isabel Curtis
I recently finished a copywriting course, and one of the assignments involved writing a copy for a non-fiction book called...
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