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Sarah Pinborough
The book is about a teenager named Emily who has a very unusual way of seeing the world. She sees...
a curious beginning
Deanna Raybourn
One of the most popular novels written by British author Deanna Raybourn is A CURIOUS BEGINNING. It is about a...
"Dance in the Woods" is a book about a single mom who has been in the process of coming to...
a gift of magic
Lois Duncan
A GIFT OF MAGIC is a gothic suspense novel written by Lois Duncan. It was published in 1983 and became...
a gift upon the shore
M.K. Wren
This book is a story about the young girl whose life is turned upside down by her step-dad, a man...
a lil somethin on the side
S C Russell
A LIL SOMETHIN ON THE SIDE book by S C Russell is a great example of the beauty of literary...
a maine christmas carol
Philip F. Harris
There is a new trend in the book publishing industry, where authors try to make their books stand out from...
a measure of disorder
Alan Tucker
A Measure of Disorder is a book about the life of Alan Tucker, with an emphasis on the disorder in...
a place of her own
Ann Mari Falk
A Place of Her Own is the story of a woman who has lived in isolation from the rest of...
a safe place with you
CГ©sar L. Baquerizo
The book is about the life of CГ©sar L. Baquerizo, a former police officer who ended up in prison for...
a silence in the heart
Carolyne Aarsen
This is a book about a quiet girl. She is not loud and she is not outgoing. She sometimes feels...
a subtle thing
Alicia Hendley
Alicia Hendley is a bestselling author and founder of the company Hootsuite. She has been writing for over 10 years....
a tale of the other kind
Leandi Cameron
A TALE OF THE OTHER KIND is a short story about two children who are living in one of the...
a touch morbid
Leah Clifford
"People have told me that I am a touch morbid, but here's the proof: "We come into the world with...
a yellow raft in blue water
Michael Dorris
The author of this book is a marine biologist named Michael Dorris. He is a researcher and writer but the...
Emma Pass
When you are writing the description for a book, it is best to get your head around what you are...
after ever happy
Anna Todd
Although the book is already on Amazon, it might be a good idea to write a detailed description for the...
alas, babylon
Pat Frank
In this content marketing workshop, we look at how to write an effective description for a book. During the workshop,...
alex and eliza
Melissa de la Cruz
Alex and Eliza are two popular characters in the book. So, a simple description of them would be:
alibi junior high
Greg Logsted
The book "ALIBI JUNIOR HIGH" is written by Greg Logsted. It is considered to be the first E-book in the...
alice in wonderland
Jane Carruth
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a novel written by English author Lewis Carroll. It is considered to be one of...
all that remains
Patricia Cornwell
Authors Patricia Cornwell and Robert Crais have both gained a lot of popularity with books. They are not just authors...
american midnight
B.R. Snow
The book is about the life of a civil war soldier and his experiences in the American Civil War.
american rust
Philipp Meyer
Philipp Meyer's book "American Rust" is a vivid story of hope, despair, and survival. It was published in 2016 and...
Graeme Base
Animals are everywhere in our everyday life. From our pets, to the wild animals roaming in our neighbourhoods, as well...
annas book
Barbara Vine
A book is a very important form of content for any business. It tells the story of the company and...
another roadside attraction
Tom Robbins
The book is an author’s call to action, which urges readers to come and see the sights of California’s redwood...
appointment in samarra
John O'Hara
The book is about a man that wrote a book called "APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA" and it is something for people...
arcadia falls
Carol Goodman
As a newcomer to ARCADIA FALLS, I’m very excited to share my experiences with the book with you.
article 5
Kristen Simmons
"Having seen the world through a child's eyes, Kristen Simmons tries to give back what she believes children deserve: a...
aurélia and other writings
GГ©rard de Nerval
AURÉLIA AND OTHER WRITINGS is a collection of the writings of French author Gérard de Nerval. The book contains his...
banner in the sky
James Ramsey Ullman
In the first part of this book, James Ramsey Ullman writes about the concept of the „Banner in the Sky“....
barriers of the new world
Barbara Rayne
Realistic descriptions are the key for building a strong first impression and are crucial to the success of marketing campaigns....
barry lyndon
William Makepeace Thackeray
The novel is a satirical account of English social life, beginning in 18th-century London. The protagonist is Tom Jones, an...
battle dress
Amy Efaw
A book is about how you're going to look at the world in future. With a battle dress on, you...
battle royale
Koushun Takami
The novel is a dystopian story of Japan after the end of the world. The novel begins with the protagonist,...
beat to quarters
C.S. Forester
This book is about a new generation of fast-growing businesses that are setting up shops in the US. The Victorian...
bird box
Josh Malerman
This book is a travel guide to becoming a bird-watcher. The book aims to provide new birds enthusiasts with information...
bitter of tongue
Cassandra Clare
Cassandra Clare's book "Bitters of Tongue" is considered as a classic in the fantasy genre. And it is also one...
bless me, ultima
Rudolfo Anaya
BLESS ME is a science fiction novel by Rudolfo Anaya. It was published in Spanish in 2016.
blood promise
Debra Kristi
After the death of her parents, sixteen-year-old Vampire Academy student Rose Hathaway moves to St. Vladimir’s Academy where she finds...
blood water paint
Joy McCullough
Blood Water Paint is a memoir of Joy McCullough's experiences as a first-generation African American artist. The book is divided...
Elizabeth Scott
"Marion is a girl who loves to read. She loves the words on the page, the story they tell, and...
born of the night
Sherrilyn Kenyon
A description is the first step in getting a book published. A well-written description is an important part of this...
Lesleyanne Ryan
This has been an ongoing challenge for me and I am glad that I finally found a solution.I have worked...
bricking it
Nick Spalding
Nick Spalding is a well known author, speaker and writer. His book "BRICKING IT - How to build a Self-Sustaining...
brilliance of dawn
Mimi Novic
This book is a work of fiction that was written by a man and his AI writing assistant, Dawn. The...
brother, frankenstein
Michael Bunker
We have a writer who can do anything. He/she can write anything that he/she wants. No matter how hard you...
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