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Dress Code by Libby Andrew

Libby Andrew

“There is a dress code in each of the schools we work with and it is very strict. Almost all the school’s use the same dress code and there are frequent reports that students have to change their clothes while attending lessons.We thought that this book would be an easy one to write as dressing up does not seem to be a problem in our school. We believe that learners will enjoy learning about how different styles of dresses can make them feel comfortable when they go to school. This book will help them understand why students need to follow this code and how they can implement it themselves.”

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: В This is a work of fiction. В It is not indicative of my personal beliefs or opinions. В I write what I see, what I feel and what I believe in. В I am an atheist, however, my personal beliefs do not prevent me from writing about the subject."Hello? В Is this the Dress Code Police?""Yes, this is the Dress Code Police. В We are investigating the
DRESS CODE"From the beginning, my colleagues and I were impressed by the way Libby and her team worked to create a book that was engaging, informative and fun. The result is a great read that will build your business knowledge and skills in a very interesting and entertaining way. We highly recommend Dress Code Book
I needed to write a literature review about Dress Code and Ice Dragon books. I read Dress Code with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Libby Andrew is a wonderful writer.