Ankita Guru
18 Degrees to Love is a book about love. It's a unique love story and it’s an inspiring book for...
a darkness at sethanon
Raymond E. Feist
A dark power has swept across the land, bringing with it destruction, madness and death. It is the power of...
a different blue
Amy Harmon
Blue is a new book by Amy Harmon. It is a collection of short stories, many of which are inspired...
a faerie fated forever
Mary Anne Graham
The book 'Fated Forever' by Mary Anne Graham was published in 1996. The author describes the love and death of...
a fine balance
Rohinton Mistry
Rohinton Mistry wrote a novel "A FINE BALANCE" based on the life experiences of his family. He told his story...
a grief observed
C.S. Lewis
The book was written by C.S. Lewis, a British author who wrote some of the best literary fiction in the...
a short history of tractors in ukrainian
Marina Lewycka
We can't be sure that the book is a classic. However, the book really deserves to be known more widely...
a star is born
Rajeev Lal
A STAR IS BORN is a novel about the life and death of an Indian film actor named Rajiv Kumar....
a time of exile
Katharine Kerr
Katharine Kerr is an author of a book entitled "A TIME OF EXILE". The book describes how the author, who...
a tragic wreck
T.K. Leigh
Written description is one of the most important parts in books. It tells the reader what he/she is getting into...
a trip to the stars
Nicholas Christopher
The book is about a journey to the stars. The first chapter reveals that the author and his partner are...
a unique kind of love
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose is a happily married woman, but when her husband leaves her unexpectedly, she struggles to make sense of...
a woman to blame
Vincent Panettiere
The description is also the key part of the book. A good description makes your book stand out from the...
action hero rain
Rain Fields
I have written a short description for the action hero Rain Fields book. This includes an explanation of his character,...
agnes and the hitman
Jennifer Crusie
AGNES AND THE HITMAN is a book about one woman's journey from a Polish farm girl to the titular hitman.The...
Mary Beth Miller
In the Introduction section writers should write clear, easy to understand and engaging copy.
alpha 1472
Eddie Hastings
Let's imagine that you are a customer of a certain company. You have come across an article about the company...
amplified bible
The Amplified Bible is a translation of the Bible which was translated from the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, by...
amsterdam, anne f. ja minä
Terhi Rannela
Writing a description for an AMSTERDAM, ANNE F. JA MINГ„ book is one of the most common writing tasks in...
an echo in the darkness
Francine Rivers
The book is about a young girl who meets a mysterious stranger. She is drawn to him by the power...
an ideal husband
Oscar Wilde
Description is an important part of the copywriting process. Without it, a reader cannot picture the book and the experience...
anabars run
Will Granger
Will Granger is a world-renowned author of strategies for running an engagement business.The book 'Run Your Business the Right Way'...
ancient dreams
J.P. Roth
It is fascinating to read about the development of civilization and if something can be discovered through the study of...
angels and arrows
Reyna Hawk
In the book “Angels and Arrows” by Reyna Hawk, she tackles some of the most important issues in our society....
another second chance
Troy Lewis
In the book 'Second Chance' by Troy Lewis, he describes a story of a man who is not doing well...
another unknown soldier
A.M. Smith
It was not too long ago that the last book on military psychology in this country, "Soldier's Mind" by A.M....
armageddons children
Terry Brooks
We are used to reading books. Reading is the main activity of our daily life. And, reading books has always...
armed & dangerous
Abigail Roux
The book is about a friend of mine, who was killed in a car accident. She was a good friend...
ash road
Ivan Southall
This book, "ASH ROAD" was written by Ivan Southall. It has a captivating story and it is the first book...
ashes, ashes
Jo Treggiari
There are thousands of ASHES books. Many people have tried to write a book on this topic and it took...
avoiding responsibility
K.A. Linde
"The book "AVOID RESPONSIBILITY" by K.A. Linde is a milestone in the field of corporate accountability."Section topic: Write introduction and...
Marni Bates
"A long time ago, I was an editor at a magazine. The day before my last day in the office,...
bag of bones
Stephen King
The book is about a man who finds a mysterious tomb and begins to dig up his family's skeletons. He...
balkan magic
Emigh Cannaday
The book is about a certain Balkan Magic - a magic that is quite common nowadays.I would like to introduce...
Pär Lagerkvist
The book BARABBAS is now in stores. It will be published by the same publisher as Pär Lagerkvist. The same...
barbaras plea
Stacy Eaton
The book BARBARAS PLEA: How to Deal with a Lot of People Who Want You Dead is a classic in...
bare bones
Kathy Reichs
A BARE BONES is a new kind of book. It has just been published by Simon& Schuster and it's a...
bastard out of carolina
Dorothy Allison
BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA is a book about a girl named Caroline who inherited the title of Lady Hamilton at...
because your vampire said so
Michele Bardsley
I'd like to introduce you to a book written by Michele Bardsley. The author uses her personal experience and wisdom...
becoming me
Melody Carlson
The BECOMING ME book is a guide on how to be your most authentic self. It helps readers understand why...
behind blue eyes
D.M. Wolfenden
The book BEHIND BLUE EYES is a stunningly beautiful book. It has been published in the USA by the owners...
being and nothingness
Jean-Paul Sartre
In BEING AND NOTHINGNESS, Jean-Paul Sartre presents his existentialist philosophy. His perspective is that there is no meaning to life,...
being and time
Martin Heidegger
Being and Time is a book that can help us understand the nature of being. Heidegger uses the term ‘being’...
Juliet Lili
The author, Juliet Lili, needs to describe the book below the peak. The following are the written descriptions we have...
below zero
C.J. Box
This book is about how to make a game MVP and turn it into a full-blown business.The book will teach...
beyond the deepwoods
Paul Stewart
In this book, Paul Stewart takes readers on a journey through two parallel worlds. The first is the world of...
beyond the valley of thorns
Patrick Carman
The book - "Beyond the Valley of Thorns" by Patrick Carman - is now available for purchase in all major...
bienvenidos a lúcido
Marta Conejo
The book is a collection of essays on BIENVENIDOS A LГљCIDO by Marta Conejo, a Chilean poet and artist.
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