199 ways to improve your relationships, marriage, and sex life
L.B. Sommer
We’re going to look at the big question: How do you write a great description for your book?
90 miles to freedom
K.C. Hilton
This book has been globally recognized as the first self-publishing book on running. It is a fascinating read with new...
a beautiful lie
T.E. Sivec
A BEAUTIFUL LIE is a very well written and interesting book. This is a book about convincing people to do...
a column of fire
Ken Follett
"A COLUMN OF FIRE" is a series of books written by American writer Ken Follett. The series covers history from...
a conjuring of light
V.E. Schwab
A CONJURING OF LIGHT is a supernatural fantasy novel about several teenagers who are brought together in a hospital after...
a day at the inn, a night at the palace and other stories
Catherine Lundoff
This book is a beautiful collection of short stories about the life of Catherine Lu, a French actress and author....
a dogs journey
W. Bruce Cameron
A Dog's Journey is the first book by author Bruce Cameron. It is a nonfiction book about dogs and their...
a favor for a favor
Nat Chelloni
The content is very different for the book on one hand and the other hand it's a love story. How...
a gracious enemy
Michael G. Kramer
Michael G. Kramer’s new book, “A GRACIOUS ENEMY: How I Read Your Mind,” describes his experiences as a clinical psychologist...
a job from hell
Jayde Scott
A JOB FROM HELL is a novel that follows the story of Ella, who returns to her home town after...
a life lived ridiculously
Annabelle R. Charbit
An AI writing assistant was used by Annabelle Charbit to write a description about her book 'A LIFE LIVED RIDICULOUSLY'....
a modern witch
Debora Geary
If you want to write a description for a book, then it’s best to use an AI writing assistant.Writing descriptions...
a nomadic witch
Debora Geary
The book by Debora Geary is a fantasy novel, it follows the life of a young girl in the year...
a prisoner of birth
Jeffrey Archer
Jeffrey Archer is known for his gripping and captivating books. His books are published by HarperCollins, one of the leading...
a short history of nearly everything
Bill Bryson
Bill Bryson is a writer who has written on wide variety of subjects including science, travel, culture, history, music and...
a small place
Jamaica Kincaid
A SMALL PLACE is an autobiographical book written by Jamaica Kincaid. She describes the life she lead in rural West...
ace of spades
Elle Bright
The book is a historical fiction, and it has a strong inspirational theme.We don’t need to sit down with the...
acts of faith
Philip Caputo
ACTS OF FAITH is a compilation of Caputo's short stories that follow an unnamed protagonist, who experiences the ups and...
Denise Kawaii
Inspired by the movie "A Beautiful Mind" (1995), this book is about a talented mathematician, who was diagnosed with a...
Melissa Landers
She is a writer. She writes in those moods when she feels like writing and she has complete control over...
all the kings men
Robert Penn Warren
The book is a masterpiece and one of the greatest American novels ever written. It tells the story of the...
amber and blue
K.R. Rowe
Writing descriptions for AMBER AND BLUE book by K.R. Rowe
among the free
Margaret Peterson Haddix
A free book is a book that has been paid for by a third party, but has never been published....
an evening in autumn
Samuel J Dixey
An Evening in Autumn is a novel by Samuel J. Dixey. It was published in 1986 and later re-released as...
anger is a gift
Mark Oshiro
A detailed story of how an author received a gift from an anonymous person.This brief book describes an emotional gift....
Maritess Emborgo
The APPLED book is a book about the history of aviation. It is published in three parts: From the beginning...
archangels enigma
Nalini Singh
The book by Nalini Singh ARCHANGELS is a collection of short stories with an interesting twist. It’s a mix of...
as silver is to the moon
R.A. Watt
This is an introduction to the book "AS SILVER IS TO THE MOON" by R.A. Watt.We shall discuss the ideas...
Malinda Lo
The author discusses the concepts of "beauty" and "ugliness" through a story about a girl who wears green and is...
atlas shrugged & the fountainhead
Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead is an American novel by Ayn Rand that tells the story of an independent, creative young architect named...
aunt tilda
Deborah McClatchey
Tilda Bancroft, author of "Aunt Tillda: From Downton Abbey to the Gold Room" has released a new book based on...
baby grand
Dina Santorelli
I want to write a description of my next book. But I don't know what to write about. It seems...
baby teeth
Zoje Stage
In the future, we will be able to chat with our AI writing assistants and get information on topics like...
back spin
Harlan Coben
At least three out of five people reading back spin book would find something good in it. But which ones...
Kiexiza Rodriquez
The book "Beautiful Book" by Fran Laniado has become a best seller. In just few months, it accumulated almost 500,000...
beetle battles the biotoxic bulldogs
Andrew Rolston
The world is full of different species with different characteristics. The search for the perfect breeders was going on from...
beggars in spain
Nancy Kress
Beggars In Spain is a work of fiction that tells the story of a girl who could not have been...
behind the mask
Juliet M. Sampson
Recently, a story soaked in the brutality of human trafficking has been making its rounds on social media. It's called...
being god
B.A. Binns
The first part of this book is titled “Being God”. A person can follow the book to learn how to...
beneath a sunless sky
Jessica Alter
Beneath a Sunless Sky is the fifth novel in the Darkest London series by author Jessica Alter.Beneath a Sunless Sky...
beneath copper falls
Colleen Coble
This book is the first in a series about a girl living in the fictional New England town of Lark...
berlin alexanderplatz
Alfred Döblin
BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ is a novel written by Alfred Döblin. The story follows Hans Schindler, a criminal who realizes that he...
betrayal of faith
Mark M. Bello
The book explores the life of a general that leads his people to hundreds of miles away from their home....
better homes and gardens new cook book
Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens has released a new cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. The book is filled...
birds of prey
Wilbur Smith
The AI is a “beast” which needs to be tamed. The way they are being used in the workplace by...
bitter blood
Rachel Caine
A story about a girl who gets her revenge against her abuser.
black horses for the king
Anne McCaffrey
"Black horses for the king" is a story about a girl who has been abandoned by her parents and taken...
blood song
Rhiannon Hart
"The book is a story of a girl who finds herself in a nightmare world and her fight to save...
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