the discovery of heaven

The Discovery Of Heaven by Harry Mulisch

Harry Mulisch

The novel, "The Discovery of Heaven," is a literary masterpiece by Dutch author Harry Mulisch. It tells the story of a contemporary family's struggle with their children's deafness.The book is captivating, poignant and thought-provoking. It manages to capture the reader's attention from the very beginning and never lets it go until its conclusion.The themes between love and death are deeply explored through the protagonist's story as well as his daughter's experiences in dealing with her deafness. The author makes you question your own perceptions of life after reading this novel.

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The Discovery of Heaven: A Story of Faith, Love and Triumph by Harry MulischThe Discovery of Heaven: A Story of Faith, Love and Triumph by Harry Mulisch (1964)Harry Mulisch (1943-) was an American author, editor and publisher. He was a prolific writer of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and children's books. His works are characterized by their masterful use of humor and his compassion for his characters. Most notably, he
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I needed to write a literature review about The Discovery Of Heaven and The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls In English books. I read The Discovery Of Heaven with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Harry Mulisch is a wonderful writer.