1st semester
Lucian Bane
This book is a self-help guide to achieve success in the first semester of your studies.
25 stories of life and love in australia
Margaret Lynette Sharp
It is a romance novel that tells the story of a woman who gave up her life to save her...
44 horrible dates
Eddie Campbell
Eddie Campbell wrote a book on 44 Horrible Dates, which is a set of terrible experiences that people have. The...
8 notes to a nobody
Cynthia T. Toney
Notable and distinguished author Cynthia Toney has written a book about eight NOTES TO A NOBODY that can be useful...
a coupla shades of taupe
Court Burback
A COUPLA SHADES OF TAUPE was written by Court Burback, the author of The Art Of Writing A Novel and...
a dangerous path
Erin Hunter
The book "A Dangerous Path" by Erin Hunter was published in August 2018. It follows the adventures of a young...
a death on the wolf
G.M. Frazier
a hand in gods till
Nicholas Cooper
Being a top-selling author, Nicholas Cooper's book, A Hand in Your God’s Till is a must read for everyone. It...
a light in the window
Jan Karon
This book is a historical fiction novel about a family living in the fictional village of Mitford, North Carolina.In the...
a modest proposal and other satirical works
Jonathan Swift
We live in an era where the world is increasingly divided into two groups - believers& non-believers. So, we must...
a spool of blue thread
Anne Tyler
A SPOOL OF BLUE THREAD is a memoir written by Anne Tyler. It tells the story of her marriage and...
a swift pure cry
Siobhan Dowd
A SWIFT PURE CRY is a book for people who are keen on natural products, especially botanicals and herbal medicines....
a thing of beauty
Bianca M. Schwarz
In this guide, we'll try to explain how the author uses the book’s description.This is a short guide on how...
a touch of honor
J.P. Grider
I have written this introduction about a book that I think is a best seller in the world. It's the...
a wizard alone
Diane Duane
Amazon UK is an online shopping giant that has everything from books to kitchen utensils to clothes. They also offer...
across the ocean
Hawa L Crickmore
Across the Ocean is the story of two friends who fall in love but live on opposite sides of the...
agatha christies secret notebooks
John Curran
The book is about a girl growing up in Limerick, Ireland during the 1920's. She has grown up to be...
all i want for christmas is a vampire
Kerrelyn Sparks
The book you have chosen to read is a story about a girl who wants to become a vampire. In...
all kinds of bad
Rachel Rust
A book has a description like this:
all our yesterdays
Cristin Terrill
It's been a long time since the world fell, and most people have forgotten what life was like before. With...
all unquiet things
Anna Jarzab
"An Experience with Unquiet Things" is a story about being human. This book is about the author’s experience of being...
Tiffany D. Jackson
The book is allegedly written by a famous author. We need to find her book.
alls fair
Tim Campbell
This is an example of a description that needs to be written for all sorts of books.This passage is a...
along came a spider
James Patterson
Write a description for the book by James Patterson.Section: I am spending time in front of my computer trying to...
alphabet living
Dr. Bee
The book ' Alphabet Living and the Importance of Alphabets for Life' is being written by Dr. Bee. The book...
alyzon whitestarr
Isobelle Carmody
The ALYZON WHITESTARR book by Isobelle Carmody is a book about the history of Super Bowls, action sports and entertainment....
Daniel MacKillican
AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything" is a popular technology blog that promotes individuals to ask questions of the community...
among the barons
Margaret Peterson Haddix
This book by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a great example of how the genre of fantasy can be turned into...
amy, number seven
Marilyn Kaye
This article is about the writing style of a book written by Marilyn Kaye. She used to be a journalist...
an episode of sparrows
Rumer Godden
As a writer, I do not always have time to sit down and think about my book ideas. I usually...
an incidental love
Elaura Browne
Love is an incurable emotion. It's impossible to experience it without getting hurt or falling in love. An Incidental Love...
an irish country doctor
Patrick Taylor
A book by a doctor named Patrick Taylor is about his life. It's the story of how he got to...
an old-fashioned girl
Louisa May Alcott
This book, published in 1868, tells the story of a female protagonist who follows her heart into the world of...
an uncommon blue
R.C. Hancock
This book is a modern day version of the classic novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.The...
and the mountains echoed
Khaled Hosseini
A generic introduction for any book to build a reader's interest
angelica and francesca
Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
ANGELICA AND FRANCESCA are two of the best known books written by Kenneth Jarrett Singleton.The book is about a friendship...
apollonia... and other writings
K.J. Cruz
The book by K.J. Cruz is an interesting read, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more...
Marissa Meyer
In the world of the Lunar Chronicles, there are three types of creatures: wolves, bears, and foxes. Each type is...
E.J. Hilliard
What is the ARIAS LIGHT (THE LYNDARA PROPHECIES 1) book by E.J. Hilliard?
Jamie Thomas
Hello. My name is Jamie Thomas, the author of ASPERFELL. I am writing this book because it is a survival...
Tim LaHaye
The book "Assassins" was written by Tim LaHaye, a prominent author of the Christian right politics. It tells how during...
awaken me
E.M. Sky
A book with many pages can be a nuisance for the reader if he has to read it all at...
The book is about a young journalist who finds herself in a murder mystery. After having discovered that the events...
battle angel alita
Yukito Kishiro
A battle between two angels. A story of a tragedy. A story of hope and love.Section topic: Write description for...
beneath a blood red moon
Shannon Drake
Discover the magic of reading books.This section is about information that will help you to read a book.It will describe...
between clouds and stars
Sharlyn G. Branson
Sharlyn G. Branson is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in publishing and writing. She...
"Black Australian-British men of the Tudor period had a lot to say on colonial topics, and their presence in the...
Kristen Britain
This copywriting course covers all aspects of book marketing - formatting, copywriting, titles and cover design. We will cover the...
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