100 selected poems
E.E. Cummings
Educated writing is clearly more than just an artificial intelligence that will write books for you. It's a way of...
4.48 psychosis
Sarah Kane
The book "4.48 PSYCHOSIS" by Sarah Kane is a fiction thriller that deals with the theme of horror. The author...
a carpet of purple flowers
Tracey-anne McCartney
In the game of love, unexpected twists and turns abound. What do you do when the guy you're dating starts...
a case of need
Jeffery Hudson
A CASE OF NEED is a book about need in search of a solution. It covers the topic of what...
a clockwork orange
Anthony Burgess
A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian novel published in 1962 by Anthony Burgess.In this story, the main character, Alex, undergoes...
a happy marriage
Rafael Yglesias
This book is about how to make your marriage work and it's full of positive stories. The author has a...
a lantern in her hand
Bess Streeter Aldrich
The digital era has changed the way that we read books. We have access to so much content now that...
a long way from chicago
Richard Peck
A Long Way from Chicago is a novel written by Richard Peck. It was published in 1972 and is about...
a love like mine
The description is an important part of a book. It is the first impression, the first layer for the reader...
a princess of mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
To win the heart of the princess and make her fall in love with you is a dream for any...
a room of ones own
Virginia Woolf
The book is a collection of short stories written by the author. The central theme of the book is how...
a scanner darkly
Philip K. Dick
This is a brief, high-tech description of the book by Philip K. Dick coming soon on Amazon.
a severed head
Iris Murdoch
A SEVERED HEAD is a psychological thriller novel that was originally published in 1974. The protagonist, the narrator, is an...
a taste of peace
J.J. Sorel
J.J. Sorel is a renowned author and thinker. He has written a book on peace, which is considered one of...
a visit from the goon squad
Jennifer Egan
Some of the most powerful writing devices are not at our disposal. We can use them for certain projects but...
a woman after gods own heart
Elizabeth George
We are all aware of the current craze for the re-writing of the Bible.
across the nightingale floor
Lian Hearn
The book tells the story of orphaned Chinese girl, Peony, who is taken in by a noble family and destined...
agony of being me
Victoria Valentine
For this section we will have to write a description of the book, and how it deals with the topic...
all systems red
Martha Wells
Describe the system in enough detail to be useful.
among the hidden
Margaret Peterson Haddix
A.M.O.N.G. T.H.E H.I.D.E N by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a thrilling story about a teenage girl who finds herself in...
amy & rogers epic detour
Morgan Matson
Amelie and Rogers are on a journey to find their way back home. After a freak accident, they find themselves...
and the tide turns
Timothy Dalton
A book by Timothy Dalton, which is a novel about the rise of Hitler.
and then there was life!
AndrГ© Jacob
And THEN THERE WAS LIFE! is a book about the birth of human life. It is about the events that...
angel and the ivory tower
Don McAllister
The author is a successful copywriter who has worked with several different companies. His latest book, "She", focuses on female...
animal dreams
Barbara Kingsolver
In her new novel, Barbara Kingsolver tells the story of a family that moved from Oklahoma to North Carolina to...
as dog is my witness
Jeffrey Cohen
What is the AS YELLOW DOG IS MY WITNESS book about?
assassins code
Jonathan Maberry
The book is a fast-paced thriller set in the world of assassins, where nothing is what it seems.
Michael J. Sullivan
This book is a collection of essays on the UX of SaaS applications. The book features many authors from the...
BE MORE PIRATE takes on the world. It is a book about how to take on the world and win....
before green gables
Budge Wilson
This book will cover:
before i fall
Lauren Oliver
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a comic science fiction series by Douglas Adams. The stated purpose of the...
before the full moon rises
M.J. Bell
The book is a thrilling read with mysteries that will have you guessing right to the last page.Before the Full...
Sameem Ali
The book is about the impact of Belonging on lives of children and adults. The book has been translated into...
beneath the fall
Aaron Safronoff
The book, "Beneath the Fade" is a fascinating story about a young girl who finds her way to be one...
betrayal in black
Mark M. Bello
It is always a very tough job to write an introduction for a book that is supposed to be about...
bitter candy
Lily Ableman
The book “BITTER CANDY” by Lily Ableman is about the food addiction. For each chapter, she has a recipe for...
Christina Engela
BLACHART is a Swedish book by Christina Engela, which includes a healthy dose of nudes and lots of editing.The description...
black magic sanction
Kim Harrison
The book is a collection of short stories based around the world's most dangerous magic.The Author: Kim Harrison is one...
bleeding hearts
Alyxandra Harvey
With the help of AI, I will be able to write a description for BLEEDING HEARTS book by Alyxandra Harvey.
blood & lilies
Lyn Croft
#1. First, let’s define BLOOD& LILIES.#2. What is this book about?#3. What is the purpose of this book?
blood on the sand
Mikhail Lerma
For the first time in human history, we are sharing our DNA with a Neanderthal. But, an ancient species of...
bloodchild and other stories
Octavia E. Butler
"Bloodchild and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories by Octavia E. Butler, an American science fiction author. It...
blue lily, lily blue
Maggie Stiefvater
Lily Blue is a book by Maggie Stiefvater. It tells the story of a young girl who is chosen to...
Pat Schmatz
The description of the title should be descriptive. If it is not, the reader will not know what to expect...
bonds of justice
Nalini Singh
Despite the fact that legal education has changed significantly in recent years, the subject of bonds of justice remains a...
Tara Brown
An introduction is the part of a book where the author explains the information to the reader. In this section,...
boulevard dreams
E. Ryan Janz
BOULEVARD DREAMS is a collection of poems that celebrates the love and freedom of being gay.E. Ryan Janz's poems take...
bound by duty
Stormy Smith
This is a book about the US Navy's operational response to the September 11th attacks. It was published by Osprey...
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