Young Adult

The 11th episode of the NBC series The People v. O.J. Simpson aired last night and what a compelling story...
34 bubblegums and candies
Preeti Shenoy
This is the first book of its kind with a large collection of tips and tricks for finding new ways...
a bride for donnigan
Janette Oke
"A Bride for Donnigan" is a novel written by American author Janette Oke. The book recounts the story of a...
a calendar too crowded
Sagarika Chakraborty
The current marketing industry is facing a significant challenge in terms of creating content. It’s not only the rise in...
a head full of ghosts
Paul Tremblay
A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS was published in January 2014. It is a memoir of Paul Tremblay, who was diagnosed...
a horse called wonder
Joanna Campbell
The writer of this book is a former newspaper reporter and copywriter. She has written an actual book on the...
T. William Watts
This is an interesting book by an author named T. William Watts. The title of the book is "HUMMEN IN...
a man called ove
Fredrik Backman
The book is about a cranky and grumpy old man named Ove who lives in his own little world. He...
a murder for her majesty
Beth Hilgartner
A Murder for Her Majesty is a classic murder mystery written by noted detective, Charles Wilkes. The book was released...
a piece of me
Mechi Renee
In this case, I would like to introduce Mechi Renee. She is a content writer from New York City and...
a prisoner within
J.M. Northup
This is a book about a man who was kidnapped by the Indians, taken to the South, and forced to...
a red herring without mustard
Alan Bradley
The title of the book, "Red Herring", is a red herring. It is not what's on the cover but what’s...
a silent voice, vol. 1
Yoshitoki Ōima
A SILENT VOICE, VOL. 1 includes a number of short stories that demonstrate the range of Yoshitoki Ōima’s highly imaginative...
a single shard
Linda Sue Park
A SINGLE SHARD is a love story about the effects that war has on people and how they must find...
a sudden light
Garth Stein
After a near death experience, Jacob is shocked to find himself in a different place. He soon discovers that not...
a taste for green tangerines
Barbara Bisco
A TASTE FOR GREEN TANGERINES is a novel about a third-generation restauranteuse named Orietta. When her grandmother dies she finds...
a templars apprentice
Kat Black
In the ‘templates’ section of my site, I have written a description that I have found useful for my clients.
a time to reap
Jonas Lee
"A Time to Reap" is a science fiction novel written by Jonas Lee. It is the fourth book in the...
above the sky
Jenny Lynne
The book is written by Jenny Lynne. It is a story about a girl who has the power to see...
across the hall
N.M. Facile
The book "ACROSS THE HALL" takes a humorous look at the world of over-achieving people. These are people who have...
across time
Jeff Fuell
The book "ACROSS TIME: How to Build Your Own Time Machine" is an interesting story and shares interesting lessons from...
Jennifer-Lynn Keniston
Content writing can be a frustrating and time-consuming effort. It is often difficult to think about what exactly your target...
after isaac
Avra Wing
After-Isaac is a book filled with information on the life of David Solomon, a renowned biblical scholar. The author is...
agents of light and darkness
Simon R. Green
The book is called Agents of Light and Darkness. It is a space-faring book, with heroes and villains, and some...
alexia eden
Sophie Summers
ALEXIA EDEN is a book by Sophie Summers . With all the attention on Alexia, I thought I’d take a...
alice, i think
Susan Juby
In the context of this book, Alice is a computer program that solves problems. It has a goal: to minimize...
all the crooked saints
Maggie Stiefvater
The book is not only a riveting thriller, it is also a look into the heart of a serial killer....
all the ugly and wonderful things
Bryn Greenwood
I need a brief description of the book for all my audience.
american bedouin
Patty Sarro
The book AMERICAN BEDOUIN by Patty Sarro was awarded the 2015 WSKY Poetry Prize. This book is a fascinating story...
an affinity for shadows
Liz Newman
Liz Newman, author of a popular book on the world of shadows, has written a new book that consists entirely...
ancient magic
Linsey Hall
This book tells a story about how history and magic are intertwined. It is a retelling of Arthurian legend that...
Susan Ee
This book was first published in 2012 and is a dystopian, young adult novel. The events of the novel take...
angles - part i
Erin Lockwood
The first installment of the Angles series, ANGLES is a darkly romantic tale of angels and demons in a modern...
Stefan Zweig
Angst (German for "fear") is the main character in the book The World of Sebastian and Angst by German writer...
Ha Il Kwon
“Is there a way to write a description for a book for such an impressive and famous author?”This section is...
Sharon Dogar
Published by Advancement of Science Publishers, the book ANNEXED: The New Economics of the Digital Economy is the first in...
VergГ­lio Ferreira
Aparição is a novel by Brazilian writer Vergílio Ferreira. Written in the first person, it tells the story of an...
archangels legion
Nalini Singh
The ARCHANGELS LEGION book is a great read for its story and imagery. The writer has taken his time to...
art pengriffin & the curse of the four
Norman Revill
This is a book about the controversial and dark history of the Beatles. It is a great read for those...
as you wish
Jackson Pearce
The book is all about how to use technology to help you make better buying decisions.Here is a description of...
ashen shadows
Ewe Linka
ASHEN SHADOWS is a mythological series that has been written by Ewe Linka. We will describe the series and its...
at swim, two boys
Jamie O'Neill
This is the only novel written by Jamie O'Neill. This description gives an overview of the plot and also gives...
RyЕ« Murakami
RyЕ« Murakami is a famous Japanese author who became famous through his book, 'Audition'. This book is the story of...
Claudia Gray
"Bronwen Balthazar returns to her family's ancestral home, haunted by a creature nobody can see. But what if the ghostly...
be still my soul
Joanne Bischof
Joanne Bischof, an internationally known author who writes books on topics such as American History and Civil Rights, is currently...
beautiful chaos
Kami Garcia
Kami Garcia is one of the best selling authors in the world and even though she's a bestselling author, there...
Logan Byrne
In the world of self-improvement, there are a lot of books that help you to get started on your journey....
This is a book that deals with the topic of the paranormal and which got its name from a mysterious...
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